Weren’t we beautiful!  Such a landscape the United States of America styled yesterday! Parking lots of voting stations filled and in constant motion, people standing in long lines with the kids along, or the grandchildren, or meeting someone new from the neighborhood, or getting someone to the polls.  We were stunning and everywhere.  And we had dropped the edge of “who are you going to got for,” and just did our thing!

I was so proud, so entertained.  It was cold, and it didn’t stop anybody.  And the results, WOW!   A victor who was so grateful, an opponent who was so gracious, volunteers galore!  Women were elected in abundance, gay marriage was supported, marajuana made legal.

America, we are growing up.  We are showing up with respect, asking for fairness openness, justice for all, displaying a new conciousness.  With all this transformation, we are on our way to a new paradigm.  We’ve agreed that we can disagree and still respect each other.  We’ve learned a new level of transparency.

I am excited to be an American today, a global citizen and a voter.  I commit to staying in touch, being current, being respectful of differences, and being active.

Now we need to work on peace, bringing our boys home, trusting our new government, staying positive, and all becoming passionate about our lives which will naturally serve the economy, our relationships, and all of life. Life is good!


Denny Daikeler

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