The Grace of a Summer Community

I’m currently throughly enjoying a vacation/reunion with some dear friends! The following is a poem inspired by the experience; I hope you enjoy it and have similar opportunities in your life!

The Grace of a Summer Community

Coming together like a swarm of bees, vacation!
Catching up, sharing news, seeing and accepting our changes,
We started out six young adults, friends or family, 48 years ago.
Now we’re MANY more through the circle of life.
Now our children keep getting taller, smarter, each year.
Young adults settling into careers,
More mature adults changing careers or even retiring
Staring at the lake, or water skiing on it,
Pot luck meals.
Chacking out mama and papa loon with their two babies,
Will we be able to see the northern lights?
Does the osprey have babies in the nest this year?
Soon we’ll return to our homes,
Vacationed out, but filled with each community member’s
Commitment to life.
To meeting again,
And living full out in the meantime!




Denny Daikeler

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