Searching The Soul!

Who are you?  Are you really connected to yourself? Do you have clarity about what your soul wants of you. It’s written in your heart, and your feelings.  Are you listening?

I don’t know about you, but I want to know my changes, both negative and positive.  I want to be deeply aware of what I need, want, and am meant to explore.  We are all changing day by day, especially now in this 2012 energy.  Staying in touch with feelings and thoughts is a most important witness.  We need to be connected to ourselves on all levels before we’re in touch with anyone or anything else.

Teaching this philosophy to our children is paramount.  I am always complimenting my grandchildren when they express a feeling, negative or positive.  I tell them how I am so glad that they express it so well.  I don’t want them to forget to feel. I especially want them to be aware of their emotions.  I want this for them because when I get out of touch with my feelings, I lose balance.

While on vacation, my friend, my granddaughter and I did “soul cards.”  We had so much fun and got in touch with our feelings. We also got to know each other more intimately by doing the cards together.

About Soul Cards

We began our process by leafing through old magazines (any genre) and cutting out anything that resonated with us.  Sometimes it was a word or phrase.  Sometimes it was something in nature – or even a picture of food.  We cut out until we had a healthy pile of images.

Next, we each took a card and began to arrange some of the cutouts on the surface in a way that appealed to us. Once we were sure of our collage, we used glue sticks and fastened them to the surface.

We were so excited over what came up for us. Personally, mine seemed to want to center around the phrase:


The word “jump” had been part of the phrase.  I found I wanted to take out that word. There were so many personal messages for me to absorb as I studied my choices; I loved them and felt I understood each aspect. They continue to speak to me.

After we glued our collages, we went a step farther.  We told each other what we saw in our own collage.  Hearing my granddaughter share what her soul card said to her was amazing.  As she expressed, I was made aware of how she thinks; I was able to understand her insights.  These insights revealed to me whom she is.

In this age of texting and tweeting, we sometimes miss sharing our deepest insights.  It behooves us to find the way to connect and not miss out on this important aspect of life!  It can be done on the phone, over tea, lunch or taking a walk.  It must be the deliberate choice to remain connected and establish deeper community.

We have done that important work with this soul card experiment. Now we can both go on with our separate lives while trusting that we know who we are individually – knowing that we ARE KNOWN by each other!

What would your soul card look like?  Do you have a clue? You might not even need the paper and glue.  What’s most important is that you KNOW! I challenge you to find out.

Denny Daikeler

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