Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity



If someone told you that they had dreamed you were living on a river property that was for sale, would you go look at it?  If you loved it, would you be open to buying it even though you’d had no thought of moving before that moment but you suddenly felt called?  Would you trust you’d be shown the way to do it BECAUSE you loved it? Or would you get stuck in doubt or other’s opinions and not be able to honor  or even hear your own desire?

Do you live your life on the edge of possibility or within the belief that anything is possible? Do you listen to the signs and escorts that are guiding you to your highest level of being? I know It takes practice, and patience, contemplation and trust. A lot of us want to live that life. If you decide you want to live that way, it can become an adventure beyond description. I believe those who commit to following their bliss rarely ever go back to old ways of wanting approval or always playing it safe.  If they do go back, they begin to ask questions again. Questions such as, what is holding me up?  Am I afraid?  What or who don’t I trust?  Don’t I think I’m worthy?  Why am I unhappy again?

In my life I kept being told to trust “abundance” and the belief that life is limitless.  I wasn’t clear on what it meant.  I did like the sound of it though, so I listened carefully whenever those words were spoken, or written on a page.  I liked being spontaneous, but I didn’t trust my decisions.

Have you learned to be spontaneous?  Do you flow with synchronicity or trust your choices? Do you experiment with life? How would you live your life if you discovered that you could ask for something to happen, quietly in your heart, and it would manifest without much effort very soon.  Would you move forward trusting information that showed up in your thoughts?  Would you use or trust the information?

What if you experienced a sprained ankle that put you in the ER one day and you entertained ideas of how to move through this in an alternative way? Could you do it?  Would you trust information of how to deal with this sprain that came to you through your thoughts?

Life is magnificent.  We all are magnificent.  And everything on the planet is attempting to reach us AND teach us how to live this way through messages and synchronicity.  We just have to take the leap, and ask the questions. We especially need to ask the questions of our selves for those are the answers that will show us what is preventing our YES… the yes that places us IN THE MIDST OF OUR OWN POSSIBILITIES, OUR OWN AMAZING DESTINY.

Denny Daikeler

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