Know who you are and everything will fall into place!


I had no intention of writing a second book. I didn’t even intend writing my first book for that matter. I’d had three wonderful children, a successful interior design career (including television), and a delicious life. But strange things kept happening during the writing of the first book. I kept getting MESSAGES!

But let me back up, as it’s important to tell you this. The first book I wrote, What Color Is Your Slipcover? published by Rodale, was written after years as a successful interior designer. Early on, I became very disenchanted with the shallow direction of trends and “dynamite design,” compared to pursuing a more profound understanding of the idea that creating a home was; it is a ddeep, inner, sacred and personal experience. Additionally, few of my clients or students even knew what they liked! The doctor in me fashioned tons of questions and exercises to get people in touch with their heart – their deepest loves and needs – hoping to enable them to become a partner in their design and allow their homes to become powerful spaces that inspired them every day. I even dreamed that all of this would lead to a better world, inhabited by more secure, deep and empowered humans – humans filled with great identity and self expression. “Totally appropriate,” I thought.

In order to know how to cultivate this “inner blueprint,” I knew I had to really be deep in my questioning, so I kept doing the process on myself. Over and over I attempted to get in touch with what I loved. I was constantly testing, urging and challenging myself on what it was that proved the sacredness of life to me. What did I need every day in my home to strengthen my identity? Who was I?

Well, believe me, working on myself that deeply was expanding me into a place where I was bigger, more intuitive, insightful, aware and awake! In this state of being, the universe was responding with synchronicity beyond my wildest dreams.

Suddenly, VOILA! Things started happening. Being so in touch with myself, I became aware of everything around me. I was “receiving” guidance that applied to me specifically. I began to know what was going to happen a few moments into the future and I began to consistently get inclinations regarding what to do next. It was crazy, I got MESSAGES of who was going to publish the first book, who the editor was, how soon I’d hear from them, and what to do next (all of which are stories in the book). I’d been somewhat intuitive throughout my life, but nothing akin to this.

I learned to listen. I learned to watch for signs. I learned how to interpret things that were happening around me. I was becoming a much different, bigger and more magnificent me. I liked this transformation!

As I shared my stories with great delight, I eventually knew it was important that others know what I was experiencing and seeing. My good friend Barbara said to me, “you need to write your stories down.” As I began to write this second book, particularly helpful books showed up. I came acroos quotes from like-minded individuals, unknowingly attended lectures that gave me affirmations for the reader, had experiences that confirmed synchronicity and met persons who added depth to the writing. MESSAGES was basically writing itself!

And so I bring you MESSAGES, Flowing With Synchronicity.  You’re going to love it! You deserve to have all of this – all of the experiences I have had – happening to you. It will lead you (us) to a better world and a much deeper spirituality!

Denny Daikeler

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