I’m at a Retreat!

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to share with you this week that I’m at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York for a Visionary Painting intensive seminar with the wonderful Alex and Allyson Grey! I’ll have a full recap of my experience for you all when I return. In the mean time, I’m posting an excerpt from my book – an exercise in being trusting and open! I hope you enjoy; let me know what you think!

Exercise: Being Trusting and Open

The practice of this exercise will be ongoing. You’ve witnessed me in this state throughout this book; that doesn’t mea it isn’t challenging every time.


Your first job is to simplify your life somewhat, for these synchronicities will have no place to enter if you’re always booked. Secondly, it means you have to give up control. If I was bound and determined to go directly to Florida, instead of through Chicago, I would have foiled the universe. Third, open up your thinking to acceptance, accepting the impossible, listening carefully so you’re hearing the details and can connect the dots. Give up texting, or always being on the internet, so you have open time to flow and be present in the moment. This is how the universe can and will connect with you.

I’m sure this is all happening to me because I have some much to learn. But I also think it is happening because I am very accepting and very willing! Stay open – consider the absurd! Be courageous and admit your fears, your questions and what you accept! Do it over and over again and you’ll get really good at knowing what deserves your sacred attention. Practice unitl it is truly a piece of cake.

So to recap:

  • Simplify your life
  • Give up control
  • Open up your mind to acceptance
  • Make time to be present in your life
  • Be accepting and willing to learn
  • Stay open and consider the absurd!
  • Be courageous and admit your fears
  •  Be bold and question things
  • Don’t accept things that don’t fit your heart
  •  Do all of these things consistently

I would LOVE for you to share what you’re discovering!

Denny Daikeler

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