Growing In The Waiting

Denny Daikeler

The reports are coming to me just like they’re coming to you.  Horrific storm, direct turn toward Delaware Valley, big winds, 10 inches of water. evacuatuation probably necessary.

I live on a creek that does overflow in extenuating circumstances.  Not comfortable!  So the reports got me.  Unrest inside, head spinnning into action thoughts.  Where will I go?  What if only power outages, what to buy?   Water? I have a spring, but electric is needed.  All the thoughts that  are rarely present are coming in; really  called to action, really hyped!

Keeping the weather hype playing, my own storm grew.  What needs doing right now, what will I grab if I decide to evacuate?   The voice inside of me clearly accompanying the  voice on the television.  We were dancing in frantic unison.

Thoughts moved me toward action.  Do laundry now, incase of power outage. Water plants,  cook a few things,  Even wash fruit and vegetables.  I don’t know who was moving faster, me or the announcer, but we truly were in the energy of the storm.

I decided to get in my car, get a  bit more cash at the ATM, fill up with gas, pick up a few more things at the grocery store.  When I got to the super market I was a bit struck with the slower tempo.  Not everyone was as deliberate as I moving through the aisles.  Some were even chatting or perusing the shelves as if they were looking for some tasty new item.  Hmmm. How confidant!

Leaving the grocery store I noticed how the air was nice, and the sky not so threatening.  Perhaps I’d get a cup of coffee, slow down a bit myself. Driving along more slowly, I heard a loud honk.  Hmm, my pace was too slow for him.

I couldn’t seem to satisfy his desire to go faster, so I pulled over, coffee cup in hand and sat there for a bit. “This is crazy!” I thought, “If anything the storm is now mirroring me!  I’m feeding the drama.  If everything is a mirror, there was no way that hurricane is going to dissipate at all.”

I pulled back out into the flow of cars choosing to drive differently.  I got home and turned on the meditation music.  I sat down and called a friend.  I  Looked out at the eastern sky and saw it was now really bright. “That may change this afternoon,” I thought, but perhaps my shift is  causing the respite,  But whatever, I feel a whole lot more peaceful and grounded in the moment.  Bet I’m far more ready for anything!”

Denny Daikeler

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