Forgiveness and Transcendence

I managed forgiveness
and it brought me freedom.
I thought that was what I was looking for —
Then I prayed for more understanding.
I received it
and found Freedom!
Perhaps it is all free will
           — that’s the treasure.

Today I want to talk about forgiveness and transcendence – belief and affirmation. Belief is not easy. Your beliefs come into your life at big moments — from authorities and people you trust and love. They stay with you for long periods of time. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make your beliefs right, wrong or permanent. You can choose to change any and all of them at any given time. Affirmations are a wonderful way to help change, as long as you’re open to change. Part of the effectiveness of affirmations is believing they will change you — feeling that they will.

Your brain will trust a new belief if you affirm it often enough. Wanting to ingrain a new concept into your subconscious mind can happen by repeating an affirmation often (the often is the key!), for it is you continually informing your brain and your cells that your new belief is so.

Some typical affirmations can be:

  • I am worthy
  • I love myself
  • I am perfectly capable
  • I am lovable
  • I am safe

They can also be much more specific. You can create any affirmation you want. Once you’ve decided what your affirmations are going to be, repeat them to yourself daily, over and over again. During the morning, when you’re preparing for your day, is a perfect time for the exercise – you’re relaxed, open, energetic and clear. Say each affirmation and with great emphasis; you need to believe it! Choose your language carefully – make sure you’re not vague, insecure or hesitant. The more positive, clear, confident and you you can be, the more effective your affirmation will be. Your brain and cells – your being – will believe what you’re saying if you say it with power.

Steer clear of negative words in your affirmations. Saying, “I’m not afraid” encourages thought regarding fear. Instead, use something more along the lines of “I am totally safe,” or “I am without fear!” Your language is very important. As with praying, affirm the positive wishes as if they were already true.

Re-evaluate your affirmations often, adding new ones, adjusting statements to avoid conflict, etc. The process is fluid and requires consistent attention.

Never forget – you  must TRUST and BELIEVE your affirmations work! If you act as if your affirmation or request is answered/ true, your body is healed, your perfect relationship is here and you’re abundantly present with great GRATITUDE!

Denny Daikeler

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