Expanding Suzie

It is my belief that every circumstance that slips into our lives is a possibility for expansion.  It is especially wonderful when a nine year old is hearing the messages and dealing with the lessons many superior in age are unable to recognize. Check out Suzie’s ability in the story below!


Suzie just turned nine years old. In a family of five, she’s the youngest, followed by Jeffry (12), and Isabelle, who is fourteen.  They get along like most siblings do, especially when one bothers another or gets in the way.  They’re members of a typical family – participating in sibling rivalry, a lot of loyalty, and experiencing the regular growth patterns of many American families. Most of Suzie’s challenges are also typical: she’s five years younger than Isabelle and wants to do everything her sister does. She wants to be included in all of her big sister’s plans.  After all, she’s a girl too! She’s often heard, “Suzie you’re so annoying!”

When it came time for summer vacation, all three kids were flown by plane across nine states to have a three week trip split between two sets of grandparents. They’d have the normal visitations with the old friends of the neighborhood, participate in some sightseeing, and always make time with Grandpa and Grandma. Plans were laid carefully and extended family meetings were set up.

One particular day in this series of days of their summer trip, they went by train into New York City. It was a very hot day and the kids were very excited. They took their seats together and shared their buzz about the connections in Manhattan. Isabelle’s excitement was about meeting a friend from Colorado who was also on a summer expedition to visit some grandparents. The meet-up meant that Isabelle would be absent during the family outing, leaving Suzie to be the “older girl” with Kimberly, exactly 5 years younger! Uh oh!

The day was splendid and went fast!  They connected easily with the family and everyone was glowing because of the fun they were having being together.  Since Suzie is my focus of this story, I’ll segue to her. Kimberly loved her big cousin and wanted to be with her the whole time.  She asked Suzie to carry her, show her, follow her and explain to her.  Whew!  Suzie thought to herself, “Kimberly, you are so annoying!” It was an epiphany for Suzie – she suddenly “understood” the complaints of her big sister over the past two or three years.  Kimberly was receiving a nudge.

She tucked it away, but on the train ride home she shared with her grandmother Mimi what she’d observed.  That is she tried, over the loud voice of a child sitting one seat forward, to explain what she had experienced.  Mimi listened with surprise at Suzie’s ability to sort out her new understandings.  She was even more fascinated at Suzie’s wisdom as they drove home from the station. Suzie identified another awareness as she expressed her relief about “getting away” from the loud voice of the child close-by, a sensitivity she’d long had because of constant complaints of her entire family that she always talked too loud and too much!

“Boy Mimi,” she said, “I get it what everybody’s been saying. That kid’s voice was hard to take – I must be a pain in the neck to Isabelle!”

Mimi and Suzie processed much during the two awakenings, with Mimi startled by the keen perceptions going on in her nine year old granddaughter’s mind.

I was fascinated when I heard the story; what a great look at the workings of Suzie’s soul!  Suzie observed two of her behavioral issues in the company of her very wise grandmother and was supported regarding the beauty and joy of evolving, thanks to the character of her grandmother.

What I wonder is, who is Suzie becoming? As I see it, the Universe was brilliant and quite successful at bringing two issues to Suzie’s reality that would grow and develop her ability to understand her life and circumstances. It was orchestrated to happen in Mimi’s presence, and Mimi possessed the time and wisdom to aid in Suzie’s processing. Suzie was able to SEE and GET it!  It seems to me that her Soul is helping her evolve nicely.  I wonder what mission she is made to fulfill? I think I’ll stay tuned for more of Suzie’s life?
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