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The Grace of a Summer Community

I’m currently throughly enjoying a vacation/reunion with some dear friends! The following is a poem inspired by the experience; I hope you enjoy it and have similar opportunities in your life! The Grace of a Summer Community Coming together like a swarm of bees, vacation!Catching up, sharing news, seeing and accepting our changes,We started out […]


Telling the Truth

I recently had a phone call from a dear friend Marion, who had just finished reading my book, (which she loved – I have to get that in there!). She told me she felt as if I was talking specifically to her the entire time she was reading Messages. Marion and I talked about many […]


Know who you are and everything will fall into place!

I had no intention of writing a second book. I didn’t even intend writing my first book for that matter. I’d had three wonderful children, a successful interior design career (including television), and a delicious life. But strange things kept happening during the writing of the first book. I kept getting MESSAGES! But let me […]


Messages: Flowing with Synchronicity

Questions? If someone told you that they had dreamed you were living on a river property that was for sale, would you go look at it?  If you loved it, would you be open to buying it even though you’d had no thought of moving before that moment but you suddenly felt called?  Would you […]