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Who Am I?

Am I the accumulation of all that I’ve accomplished?  Am I the title that society has put on my profession?  Am I the sum total of all my degrees and awards.  Or am I fulfilled by fitting into a category, or political situation, or a certain way of thinking or opinion? Two of my very […]


Are You In Transformation Mode?

Transformation! What is it? How do we do it? We’ve been conformers. Do we want it? I just finished reading Jack Canfield’s book, The Golden Motorcycle Gang. I absolutely loved it – it reminded me much of one of my all-time favorite books from years ago, Robert Pirsig’s, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. […]


Community Between Species

Perhaps you’ve seen this video and perhaps you haven’t; I records the rescue of dolphins caught in a cross current by people on a beach in Brazil – people enjoying a summer’s day. The dolphins wound up beached and were unable to swim back into the sea. I’ve watched the video many time; I celebrated, […]


A Terminal Experience

I’ve recently discovered the writing community Write on Edge and am absolutely in love! Each week, a moderator posts a prompt for the community to write about – an exercise in imagination and development. This week’s prompt was to write a brief story regarding an experience or centering around an experience in an airport terminal. […]


Are You Willing to be a Beginner Over and Over Again?

I’ve always wanted to paint. Instead, I made my own clothes, practiced interior design, danced, wrote, and even taught. But I always wanted to paint. Whenever I’d sit down and try to paint, I always found a reason to stop – my technique wasn’t developed enough, I didn’t have any natural talent, I didn’t have […]