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Forgiveness and Transcendence

I managed forgivenessand it brought me freedom.I thought that was what I was looking for —Freedom!Then I prayed for more understanding.I received itand found Freedom!Perhaps it is all free will           — that’s the treasure. Today I want to talk about forgiveness and transcendence – belief and affirmation. Belief is not easy. Your beliefs come into […]


It’s Alright to Cry!

Watching the news I viewed President Obama standing before a large audience of supporters after the election,…after his election.  I was not witnessing the usual wide smile and bright eyes on our president’s face, but instead a stream of tears.  What’s happened I thought, waiting for what seemed like an inevitable revelation of some  traumatic […]



Weren’t we beautiful!  Such a landscape the United States of America styled yesterday! Parking lots of voting stations filled and in constant motion, people standing in long lines with the kids along, or the grandchildren, or meeting someone new from the neighborhood, or getting someone to the polls.  We were stunning and everywhere.  And we […]


Growing In The Waiting

Denny Daikeler The reports are coming to me just like they’re coming to you.  Horrific storm, direct turn toward Delaware Valley, big winds, 10 inches of water. evacuatuation probably necessary. I live on a creek that does overflow in extenuating circumstances.  Not comfortable!  So the reports got me.  Unrest inside, head spinnning into action thoughts.  […]


You And Me As Artists

DENNY DAIKELER There is as much art in creating  life, your life, my life, as there is to creating a beautiful painting, or a marvelous sculpture.  A life that is beautiful to witness is the life that has been filled with well thought-out choices of working, playing and loving.  The “work” becomes easier deeper and […]