Beloved Object

The Beloved Object Exercise

A popular exercise in What Color Is Your Slipcover is getting in touch with your most beloved object. It is great fun and very Revealing.

We are presenting Denny’s object and evaluation to help you understand the gifts of the exercise.



An object that is very connected to your heart can tell you so much about what you, need, feel and love in life. What is your beloved object?

Mine is a , sculpture, about 16″ high, an original named “Celebration.” It says so much about who I am!

Study it and see if you get it… In visuals I love simplicity, things abstract, lots of movement, metal, drama, not too much detail. I am more visual than functional.

In Life I love community and dance, aliveness, connecting, performing, music, celebration!


Can you see all that in my object?

AND I bought it myself, a long time ago. It’s been my beloved object for years.

This speaks of my independence and how I rarely change my choice! I am not sentimental and I love art!

This is how it works! I will use all of these characteristics as I make choices in my home.



You can get input about yours on the site, by reading my book “What Color is Your Slipcover?”, or calling me for a consultation. It really works!