Country Living – A Welcome Escape
Highlights Denny’s work on Kate White’s country home that they designed together after Kate did Denny’s book’s process. Kate is the editor of Cosmopolitan and wrote the forward of Denny’s book.
Philadelphia Inquirer – Our Homes, Our Selves
Creating a home with Denny is not just about decorating a house. It is about learning who you are and discovering what makes you happy. The resulting design generates a home that supports life changing transitions and transformation.
IIDA – Book Review
This review, aimed at Design Professionals, reinforces Denny’s success in using her innovative Inner Blueprint process. Homes created from the client’s personal sense of color, shape, and organization support productivity and well-being.
Star Tribune – Narrowing Down the Choices
Constance Mears, columnist for the Star Tribune in Skagit County, Washington, describes her first hand experience using Denny’s book to realize more about herself, and in the process, define her design choices based upon her Beloved Object.
Fund-Raising Event Seeks Balance in Life, Passions
Target’s new ads show the value of translating what you love into the design of your home. Denny calls it the Beloved Object and has been using it to create homes that support people’s lives for over 30 years.