About Denny

Denny is an interior designer, lecturer and writer along with being an interfaith minister.

She was educated in design at Drexel University and extended her studies and research into psychology and human behavior as well as spirituality.  All of this brought her to an understanding of a personal inner-blueprint that lives in all individuals and is an important source for designing nurturing environments.

Denny’s first book What Color Is Your Slipcover, published by Rodale Press, synthesized her process. Denny has appeared on television and conducted seminars across the country based on this creative process. Her work now incorporates her studies in theology and spirituality. 

Her second book, Messages, Flowing with Synchronicity, is a compilation of true stories based again on guidance from the personal experience and currently inspires the  goal of grounding spirit deeply into everyday living and understanding life’s synchronicities. 

This goal is her escort whether she is helping to organize a spiritual community, writing, speaking, dancing or creating a ritual for a couple or a community.

Denny is on the  Faculty of School of Sacred Ministries, where she was ordained, and serves on the board of COSM, a spiritual art community led by Alex and Allyson Grey.



Denny Daikeler